When we first met, Dave took me to his hometown in North Dakota and I fell in love.  Peeps- it’s small, 20 people small.  But we decided that we would end up there…..granted I always thought it would be closer to retirement, but life happens.  You guessed it.  We now live in super small town North Dakota…..our addition to the town has increased the population by 17%.

Seriously!  We are 20 miles from a town of 2,500 and 60 miles from a town of 30,000.

We rented the only house available – waiting for something, anything.

And lo- a House was available for sale.

It needed some love but we are here for it.

The House is a cute little Cape Cod.  Never thought it would be my style, but surprisingly I have really fallen for it.

bookcases prairie and lake

The upstairs belongs to the girls

girls attic bedroom prairie and lake

That’s the quick story of our Prairie life – more to come on our Lake life.



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