A Library Wall

I have had a set of bookcases in every home that we have lived in…..and I always wanted built in’s.  Anything to make me think of a library.  I am in love with the smell and feel of books.  My mom was a librarian and I have very fond memories of going with her to set up the library before school started.  If I was lucky I would be able to finish my task early and go sit in the stacks and read.  I can still feel the book shelves at my back as I sat on the floor and read books in the YA section.  I still have a Kindle but it always comes back to that physical connection you have when you come across the perfect book.

Think of me as Belle.  All I want is a giant room full of good things to read.  In reality I have a wall to work with.  

Step 1:  Measure out said wall and determine how big I can go.

Step 2:  I purchased some Ikea Billy shelving for this project.  as you can see in the pic below, work at it late into the evening.

Step 3:  Live with the shelves for awhile….promising myself that I will buy that trim the next time I am in town so that I can finish my project.  even though I drive to town for work every single weekday…….that manages to not get done for months.  

Step 4:  Dig out all my books and records from storage and fill my new shelving to capacity.  Try to make room for cute tchotchkes but fail miserably and realize that I have too much stuff.  Shrug it off and buy more books!

Step 5:  Finally, the majority of the trim is up but in true to us fashion we are sitting at 95% done.  2 more pieces are still waiting to be installed at the top of the unit.  It will be months before this happens.  LOL!!

Step 6:  Use bookcases for my backdrop for all kid photos.  Time capsule of the kids and what we were listening to at the time.

And Success.  What about you???  Library lover?  Book lover??

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