Kids Gift Ideas – Amazon Finds

I am one of those people that like to get my Christmas shopping done pretty early. Usually well before Black Friday – but there have been times when I wait, so that I can get my hands on something specific.

In the hopes of helping anyone who is looking for something different for gift giving this holiday, here are a few of the awesome things I found and purchased for the kids in my life.

  1. Galaxy Projector: I bought this 2 years ago for Jane and it is awesome. I think I love it more than the girls do. It is so nice to have the bluetooth and control on your phone or a remote.
  2. Cards Against Humanity – Family Edition: I love to play Cards Against Humanity and what a good way to bring the fam into it…..without being COMPLETELY inappropriate 🙂
  3. Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro: You can print any photo you take and connect to any mobile device with Bluetooth. Digital is great, but it is so fun to have those physical instant photos to share and save.
  4. Young Chefs Cookbook: America’s Test Chicken Cookbook for Young Chefs. LOVE this! My mom gave me a similar cookbook when I was young, and I made almost everything in it. Perfect way to introduce kids to cooking on their own.
  5. Kinco Mittens: Great for those cold days playing outside all day, skiing, snowmobiling, or ice-skating.
  6. JBL Clip 4 – Portable Speaker: My kids have always loved portable speakers. They like a little bit more punch and volume than their phones can give them. This is awesome. Lots of colors to choose from.

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