Kitchen and Living Room Updates

As I mentioned previously. I am doing some catch up here. 

There has been a lot going on in our household over the past while and in the interest of getting everyone caught up – here is a brief recap and then some of the projects that we did in the Prairie Cape before we moved.

Dave and I busted out a bunch of projects on the Prairie Cape (not as much as we would have liked – but when are we ever satisfied?  🙂  )  This past fall my parents decided to sell their place in Montana and move to our small town.  So very exciting.  It ended up happening very quickly because the market there was VERY hot.  Their absolutely amazing Realtor got them all set up and got offers in 24 hrs.  They settled on one offer and the closing date was 30 days out.  WHOA!!  Coincidentally a house on the market in our town was one that Dave had admired – but it was 2 stories and needed a lot of love.  Instead of having my parents there, we got that house, and my parents are in the 1 story Prairie Cape.

Here is the picture I took the day we got the keys.

We had the walls and floors redone completely before we started working on anything else.  It was tough and we did not end up moving in for months.

I ended up taking out the soffits and moving the cabinets to the ceiling (sound familiar?). It gave us a lot more space. We also took out one lower cabinet and modified it for a small dishwasher. A new stove, microwave, and fridge rounding out the appliances.

The lighting was updated to some easy peasy pendants we found locally and then a custom light fisture over the sink I had done from Etsy.

My favorite light fixture (in the middle of the kitchen) has been with us for 3 houses. Its vintage and so cool. Also, so bright it might hurt your eyes….. 🙂

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