New House – Prairie Four Square

This past fall my parents decided to sell their place in Montana and move to our small town.  So very exciting.  It ended up happening very quickly because the market there was VERY hot.  Their absolutely amazing Realtor got them all set up and got offers in 24 hrs.  They settled on one offer and the closing date was 30 days out.  WHOA!!  Coincidentally a house on the market in our town was one that Dave had admired – but it was 2 stories and needed a lot of love.  Instead of having my parents there, we got that house, and my parents are in the 1 story Prairie Cape.

I have a set of notes filled with inspiration ideas on what to do with the exterior. A good amount of dog space, a garden and a porch, feature in every single saved picture.

It feels a bit cut off the way that it is laid out now. The house was moved at some point and the entire downstairs has been stripped of the old hardwood, trim and doors. The floor in the kitchen, hallway and bedroom had been updated, but there is significant water damage that went all the way thru.

The upstairs still has the hardwood under the carpet – YEAH!!!! The trim, doors and handles are present as well. This will be a great base for us to work off of.

More to come!

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