Previous House

You can check out our previous projects and MT house at the Happy Crazy House.

At this site you can see all our projects from our house in Montana.  Lots of hard work went into that one….

Our Montana House is a Raised Ranch – Split Entry – Split Level…..what is this crazy house of mine.  There are a heck of a lot of this style out there….but no love for them.  I can see why there is such little love for the split entry – usually not so appealing on the outside, a set of stairs in your face when you open the door, everything is very boxy, etc, etc.

This style of house was not our first choice – not by a long shot – Our tiny first house had a closing date set so Dave and I were on the hunt for a new home.  I had no intention of going outside of my target area or target style of house…..but I drove by this house during the week and then Dave and I went to the open house the next weekend.  We walked in and were not awed until we came into the kitchen and saw the stove.  Yes – we bought this house because of the stove….and the yard….and the hot tub.  The house was empty so we could close in under a month.  Perfect.  Done Deal.

But then came the inevitable itch to change things.  On the House Tour you can see what the house looked like when we bought it (in grainy photos…but still).

Check out the Happy Crazy House. for our DIY’s from 2013 to our move here.


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