Attic Bedroom Update 2

What a wild ride this has been…..but we did it!  A whole bedroom built from the studs up.  

Attic Bedroom overhead view

I am not even sure that I can share exactly how excited the girls were to get this done.  We have been talking about this since we purchased the house last spring.  Let’s take a looksy on where we came from:

Looking back, I can’t even believe this only took 6 weeks.

Shiplap?  Wood Slats?  Whatever you want to call it – we have it and I love it.

And here we go……..drum roll……

Jules and Jane’s Attic Bedroom

the happy crazy house girls attic bedroom

Goofing off in their new space.

the happy crazy house girls attic bedroom

Jane’s spot

the happy crazy house girls attic bedroom

Jules’ spot

the happy crazy house girls attic bedroom

Loungey lounge

the happy crazy house girls attic bedroom

the happy crazy house girls attic bedroom

So pumped to be done with this!!

the happy crazy house girls attic bedroom

I purchased as much as I could from local stores and so if it says similar, it is because I found them at a store you need to come to ND to shop at.  I also pulled from other rooms in our home and from items I was holding onto from our home in MT.

Source List

Lights:  Slim Profile LED Lights – Similar

Art:  Alice in Wonderland PrintPsalm PrintMiss Moon was a Dog Governess

Bean Bags:  Pink,   Teal

Bedding: Pink – Similar, Teal – SimilarSeersucker Bedding

Pillows:  Teal Sequin – Similar,   Pink Sequin – Similar

Lamp:  Organizer Lamp,   Crystal Lamp

Beds:  Quick Lock frame (so easy!!!!)





Attic Bedroom Update

I have been sitting on a plan for the Attic Bedroom since we moved in this past summer.  We were just waiting for Dave to have time to devote to putting in the insulation.

Scary phone photo of the stairs leading up.  I did not even see this space until after we bought the house.

ALLLLLLL the stuff the previous owner left behind.

I posted about my outline for the room and the fact that the girls had come to me with a layout and their color scheme ideas…..SO CUTE!!!!!

As a reminder (or introduction) the upstairs will house Jules (13) and Jane (9).  The girls will be sharing ~700 sq ft with their own bathroom.

All the work shown below is the unattractive stuff.  LOL.  Unattractive but necessary.

The base of the room is getting done.

That super fun stuff is getting completed by Dave.  hahahahaha  I have been playing around with the footprint to ensure that we can get a bathroom up here eventually.  When we bought the house, there were plumbing lines roughed in to this area….right next to the stairs.  After some exploration we realized that they cut(!!!!!!!) the floor joists to put those roughed lines in.  seriously, people.  I love DIY – but I love educated DIY.  Dave and I sistered new joists in and took out the roughed in lines so we could start from scratch…..the right way.

As a reminder (or introduction) the upstairs will house Jules (12) and Jane (8).  The girls will be sharing ~700 sq ft with their own bathroom.  In the below layout I put the bathroom back next to the stairs to see how to would work out with lines and layout.

Attic Bedroom Overhead view2.png

In my previous two plans – 1.  I had the bathroom in this space, but way smaller.  2.  I had the bathroom in the center of room on the north side (where the desk with the purple chair is below).

After much back and forth we are going with the first choice.

Attic Bedroom overhead view

Dave has really honed his skills in texturing.  I remember the first project we did with the texture gun….and it was …….interesting.  hahahahahaha   interesting in that you could have cut yourself on the wall with how deep the texture was put on.

But as you can see, it looks fantastic.

Our next issue was the type of lights to install.  Our clearance was quite small so Dave found these ultra slim LED lights.  I am so impressed with how low profile they are.

Seriously!!  Look at how thin they are.  It is a very easy install – a large hole drilled through our wood slats, wire it up and clip it in.

Dave really chose well on those lights.


Dave was out of town, as usual – but this time he did not get a full weekend at home.  He was here for just over 24 hours, so our finish work was delayed.  Sigh.

More to come!!







Planning an Attic Bedroom

Well – the majority of what we want to finish construction wise is complete on the main floor. So I am moving on up those stairs and getting my game plan set for the attic.  The girls will be sharing ~700 sq ft with their own bathroom.  I dropped some info into a room builder to play with layouts and I will start with this:

The plumbing lines were already run when I started on this version.  It was pretty easy to decide where the beds and desk would go based on the walls clustered together on one side of the room.  After some exploration, we found some issues with the plumbing that was roughed in.  Based on that knowledge we feel good about moving the bathroom to the center of the attic.  That aligns the plumbing lines with what is on the first floor and basement…..but it does make things more difficult for me in designing the room.

The bathroom will have the only ‘walls’ extending into the room.  I have decided to either use wooden slats or metal rods from floor to ceiling around the stairs to keep as much natural light flowing through the room as possible.  There are only a few furniture pieces that are must haves from the girls perspective:

  • 2 beds
  • 2 desks
  • 2 chairs
  • 2 toy chests
  • 1 set of cubbyholes
  • TV
  • bean bag chairs

Everything else is optional and I think we will keep it pretty minimal as a start to ensure that I do not over fill it!

Jules and Jane came to me with a plan – they would like the base color to be grey and white.  Then they can each pick another color to highlight what is theirs.  Jules would like blue or teal – Jane would like pink.  Color me surprised 🙂   We will pick and choose what from what we have and then do some bargain hunting at the stores we have locally.

Jane’s Room in MT

Jules’ Room in MT


Jules’ Room in ND


and here we go!